Now what?

A year.  For over 365 days, I have not added, uploaded, commented, or done anything with this site.  What a failure on my part.  For the limited followers I have, I apologize. But it has been a pretty intense year.

Two major life changes happened.  After an amazing nine years, I decided to leave the military and head back to Colorado.  It was one of the toughest decisions I had to make.  The Air Force was the only thing I knew.  I breathed it.  To leave something that was so second nature to me was difficult and frightening.  Most ask, why did I leave?  I am a faithful Catholic, and I felt that the Lord was calling me to discern the Catholic Priesthood by entering seminary.  I packed up everything in Florida and headed west, to start a new life.

Major life change number two.  I left seminary after one year.  I loved the year I was there, but through the experience I felt like I was missing something.  Throughout prayer and discernment, I closed the door to the priesthood and left in June.

Now we come to the topic of the post, now what?

I am in my thirties and have no idea what I want to do with my life.  When I wove the image of my future I never thought I would be here.  Even when I envisioned my future five years ago everything seemed so certain.  However, I sit here typing and am trying to figure out how I got here.  What the heck is going to happen to me and where am I going to go?

So, this is where the blog is going to go.  This is its “new direction.”  I am going to chronicle my life and let you watch and see what I see.  I promise there will be humor, travel, heartbreak, and discovery.  Therefore, we are starting this blog over.  New life.  New start.

Thanks for coming along.  This world is not so scary when you have people with you.


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